Pat the Dogs

A non-profit organization founded by Patarin Phadungpisuth for the rescue of Thai street dogs and their international rehoming.

The Beginning

Pat the Dogs' story begins in 2012 when Patarin successfully rehomed two dogs rescued from the dog meat trade (DMT). Not long after she established Pat the Dogs - International Thai Dogs Rescue in order to provide rescues with a second chance in life. Many of the dogs that come to her are not just victims of the DMT but are also survivors of abuse, abandonment, horrific accidents, and so forth. Their recoveries are then facilitated as Patarin finds their forever homes.

Currently, Pat the Dogs has rescued over 300 Thai street dogs and rehomed them worldwide. The operation is run through the official Adoptable Dogs around the world by Pat The Dogs - ITDR and Pat the Dogs - ITDR FaceBook pages which have now blossomed into a community for dog lovers to find potential dogs to adopt and to share updates on their success stories.


How to Adopt a Dog

Follow these 6 easy steps:

  1. Have a look at the list of dogs looking for their forever homes.
  2. Fall in love with one or two.
  3. Let Pat know you wish to adopt via email or FaceBook.
  4. Fill out the adoption form complete with pictures of your house and send it to PTD.
  5. Now simply wait for your application to be approved. 
  6. Sign the adoption contract. You are now officially a new dog parent!

Adoption Application Adoption Contract

Looking for forever homes.

Meet the GANG 


Shih Tzu & Pug Mix - Female - 5 months old
Vaccinated / Spayed

Lana was rescued from the same abusive house in Nongkhai province as Teddy Bear, another member of the gang. She is a young and energetic puppy who is looking for a family to go on lots of walks and adventures with. 

Teddy Bear

Shih Tzu Mix - Male - 2 years old
Vaccinated / Neutered

Teddy Bear was rescued from the same abusive family as Lana, and has also recovered from the horrific treatment they faced there. He is now a friendly and playful dog who is looking to be a part of a loving family.


Terrier Mix - Male - 5 years old
Vaccinated / Neutered

Lewis was abandoned under the Rama IX motorway. His fur was matted and covered in fleas and ticks, and he suffered from two types of parasitic blood infections. Lewis is now a happy and healthy boy who enjoys lots of cuddles and kisses.


Shih Tzu Mix - Male - 9 /10 years old
Vaccinated / Neutered 

Chao-Kuay is a lovely old boy who is looking for a caring home. When he first came to us he was very frail, covered in bite marks and scars with ticks and fleas and overgrown nails. He also suffered from many health conditions, including blood parasites, thyroid problems, and dry eye. He has made great strides in recovery, although is still prone to yeast infections. He will need a family who can spend lots of time with him. 


Thai Mix  - Female - 4 Months Old

Buta is a sweet little puppy who was rescued from a temple in Chonburi province.  She has difficulties walking because of a problem in her left hind leg due to developmental issues. Once she is old enough, she can undergo surgery and should be able to run around just like the rest of the gang. She is very friendly and playful.

Buta is now in Wisconsin with her foster mom who will make arrangements for the operation as well as care for her until she is permanently rehomed.
Please help us help Buta on her journey in taking her first steps to running around just like all her puppy pals. Buta will be having a series of preliminary x-ray examinations on the 15th of September. These will be followed by later examinations on October 3rd, in which she will have a full physical check-up by an orthopedic surgeon. Depending on the results, she may be referred to the veterinarian school in Madison, Minnesota, to undergo surgery. The cost of the operation is estimated to be around $1,000 USD. Any help at all would be appreciated, no matter the size of the donation.

Big thanks to her foster mom who now has decided to adopt her, Bonnie Schuenke, without whom none of this would be possible.


Thai Mix -Female - 2 years old
Vaccinated / Spayed

Cara is one of seven puppies that were found in the grounds of a school in Bang Khun Tian. Four of the puppies from the litter have already been successfully rehomed in the USA. Cara herself is very loveable although tends to be anxious around new people and environments and can be aggressive towards other dogs. She therefore needs an experienced and patient family to help continue her socialisation and training. A household where she is the only pet would be most suitable.


Thai Mix - Male - 2 years old
Vaccinated / Neutered

Frank was found in the same litter as Cara and is a very sweet and gentle boy. He has similar anxiety issues to his sister although is less on edge with other dogs. He is also looking for experienced and patient owners to help him settle in his new home.


Golden Retriever Mix - Male - 4 years old
Vaccinated / Neutered

Smile was left in a garage alongside another dog after his owner was arrested by authorities on narcotic charges. They were left to fend for themselves for almost 10 days before they were rescued. He is tentative and nervous around new people, but once you gain his trust he is very sweet and playful.

Wassana (Destiny)

Thai Mix - Male - Senior
Vaccinated / Neutered 

Destiny was found living on the streets of Rayong province and was physically abused by locals. When he first came to us, he had demodex mange, two types of blood parasites and was covered in fleas and ticks. He has since been diagnosed with skin cancer and has undergone surgery to remove the tumours from his hind legs. There is a chance that more growths could occur, so Destiny would need a loving and attentive family capable of handling his condition. We are also accepting donations to help with his medical costs.

Chill Chill

Terrier Mix - Male - 8 years old
Vaccinated / Neutered

Chill Chill was a street dog and has been rescued once before he joined us, although he was abandoned again not long after. He was in an extremely bad state when we first found him; he has been diagnosed with nasal cancer which has spread to the cartilage and bone in his nasal cavity and was also plagued with many infections accross his entire body. The open wounds and sores around his mouth, nose, anus, and tail in particular were badly affected and were swarming with maggots and pus. One of his hind legs has also stopped working because of the spread of infection from his anus. He has now undergone surgery and a part of the bone from his nose has been removed.

Due to his unstable condition, Chill Chill is currently only up for sponsorship to aid in his road to recovery.

Petch (Diamond)

Poodle Mix - Female - 10 years old
Vaccianted / Spayed 

Petch is blind and was completely hairless when she joined us in June 2016 when someone spotted her wandering around the Petchkasem road in Bangkok and posted about her on FaceBook. She was diagnosed with breast cancer, thyroid issues, an uterine infection, anemia, sarcoptic mange, and had cataracts in both eyes. After undergoing a series of major surgeries and treatments, she has made a miraculous recovery and is now cancer free.

Although Petch still has a few health issues, meaning she will need medical care for the rest of her life, she is a fighter and a survivor. She is looking for a loving and attentive home, with owners who can spend lots of time with her. She is very friendly both with other dogs and children.


St. Bernard - Male - 4 years  
Vaccinated / Neutered

Balloon was a stud in a puppy mill in Sakonnakorn province, and was then sold to a few different owners. He was neglected by his last owners which resulted in the spread of demodex mange across his entire body. He was also viciously attacked by the family’s four Alsatians, leaving him with many infected wounds and a fear of other dogs. He also suffered from many other conditions including fungal and yeast infections, eye infections, blood parasites, allergies, and encephalitis. Unfortunately, Balloon is only available for local adoption since his weight exceeds the flight limit. We are currently taking donations to put towards his care, in particular his special diet which costs 3,000 THB per month.

Success Stories

Dog moms, dads and foster parents say ...

“We adopted Lucy in November 2015. She has proven to be the most amazing dog over the past 2 years! Our little family is completely full of love now that Lucy has been added to our lives. We've enjoyed staying in contact with Pat and it's been pretty cool to be able to ask questions about where Lucy came from, as well as inform Pat on how far she has come! You will never regret adopting and rescuing a dog, instead of shopping for one. I have learned so much about rescue efforts in Thailand and the surrounding countries - it's quite incredible!


“I met pat when i adopted an elderly dog from Romania.

Pat was sponsoring the dog in Bucharest that she had named Fairy.

Fairy was elderly and had been saved from the horrible conditions at the public shelter, Bacau. Patatrin would send monthly payments for Fairy and to stay at the private shelter.

Patatrin was instrumental in getting Fairy to me, not only financially but logistically as well. Fairy, I named her Pau, was the most gentle dog I have ever met, she was an amazing lady for all she had been through and all her health issues she was happy and always willing to meet new people!

Patarin works tirelessly to save these unfortunate dogs not only in Thailand but around the world, she even came to California to visit Pau and her new family.

I support her in every way I can, I am actually adopting one of her rescues this year.

I don't know of many people that would help these seemingly hopeless cases, but Pat does it every day.

Thank you.”

“Adopting Ma-Ruay from Pat The Dogs International Thai Rescue was a very positive experience. The process went smoothly and Patarin is an excellent communicator and very kind and responsive. We love our little Thai- mix girl. She came to us healthy and completely housebroken. She is very intelligent and learns quickly. A real sweetheart and a pleasure to be a part of our family. I highly recommend and encourage adoption through Patarin's rescue.”

Pat is an amazing person who I have been following for many years! Her rescued dogs are like her children to her (as they are to us!) She loves them very much & enjoys keeping in contact with their new families! You will never regret working with Pat to re-home one of her fur babies! The rescue work that she does in Thailand is incredible!”

“I adopted Puck from Pat in May 2017. The process was very easy. Pat took care of all the arrangements by emailing me the paperwork to fill out and organizing the flight volunteer. Once the flight volunteer was confirmed and the date was set, we just had the pick him up at the airport. We met the flight volunteer at the airport and the hand off was simple. It was an experience that I would not hesitate to repeat.”

"I have been following Patrarin's rescue work for the past couple of years, and admire her for taking in dogs that needed someone to care for them desperately. Dogs that were alone, helpless, sick, hurt, it didn't matter, Patarin always jumped in to help. About that time, she rescued several puppies from the street. I agreed to sponsor one to help offset some of the cost of his care. I named him Charlie and shared him on social media. I decided to fly him to the US to foster him. He was so cute!! I worked with Patarin to fly him here. The cost was reasonable and Patarin made all the arrangements. Everything went smoothly! One of my friends saw my post and she and her family decided to adopt him after meeting him. I only had him two days!! 🙂 The puppy arrived healthy, with all vet paperwork, and very well socialized thanks to Patarin's care and love. His family loves him. I hope to foster again for her and wouldn't hesitate to adopt from Patarin. She loves her dogs and wants the best for them because they deserve it! Patarin's adoption process is very easy. Please consider her dogs, you won't be disappointed! .."

““We were so lucky to be able to add a new member of our family thanks to Pat!

We adopted Sammy from Pat in Thailand and the process couldn't have been easier! We live in Wisconsin in the United States and saw a picture of this adorable puppy on Pat's website. We contacted her, filled out an adoption application and in a short period of time we were approved! All the work could be done over the internet and email. Next thing I knew, we had a new member of our family! Sammy came over a healthy little puppy. He had been neutered and vet checked. Sammy has just been the most loving dog a family could ask for. He loves to cuddle and spend time with his "people". Sammy goes just about everywhere with us from visiting family to our place up north. He has adjusted very well to spending afternoons on the lake. We couldn't ask for a sweeter puppy!””

“In early 2013 we decided we wanted to add another dog to our family to keep Lucy, our beagle mix, company. She had a pretty nervous personality and we thought a buddy might help her enjoy life a little more. We started checking out to view dogs in our area that were available for adoption and kept coming back to Mona's profile. Even though she was still living in Bangkok with Patarin she was listed in our area because the International Street Dog Foundation, the organization working with Pat to find her a home, is based in Chicago.

We honestly knew nothing about street dogs or the illegal dog meat trade but fell in love with her sweet face and sad history- not only had she been rescued from dog meat smugglers and spent time in a large livestock center with hundreds of other dogs but she had also become pregnant and almost died giving birth to her puppies (who now are healthy, happy dogs living across the world!). All of this and the vet estimated she was only a year or so old. Needless to say we were in love and started working with Patarin and ISDF to get her here to join our family.

It didn't take Mona long to settle into life with our family- she and Lucy bonded as sisters right from the start. They had a few scuffles over food and bones but were cuddling on the couch and checking out the neighborhood together on walks in no time. Within a few days Mona had bonded with both of us as well- we are her absolute favorite people in the world and are still two of the only people she really trusts.

Bringing Mona into our family has taken a little extra work- she has needed patience and understanding as she figures out what is means to be our dog and not a dog on the street- but it all has been so SO worth it. She is the funniest, sweetest, and most loyal dog you'll ever meet. We feel very lucky that she is a part of our family and can't imagine our lives without her!”

Support Pat the Dogs

To be able to care for rescue dogs and find their forever homes, Pat the Dogs needs your support. If you are not ready to adopt a dog, there are many other ways you can help. Being a flight volunteer will assist Pat in keeping costs low in the process of transporting them to their new loving homes abroad. Alternatively, you can either foster, sponsor a dog, make a donation or purchase one of our Balloon the St. Bernard & Friends t-shirts. The proceeds will go towards their food and medical care. Keep up to date with opportunities to pitch in on our FaceBook page. All help is greatly appreciated, no matter how big or small, as it keeps Pat the Dogs running.

Balloon & the Gang

My Rescue Dogs Rescued Me
฿289 - ฿350

XS - 34″
S - 36″
M - 38″
L - 40″
XL - 42″
XXL - 44"
XXXL - 46"
XXXXL - 48"

Balloon & the Gang

My Rescue Dogs Rescued Me
฿289 - ฿350

XS - 34″
S - 36″
M - 38″
L - 40″
XL - 42″
XXL - 44"
XXXL - 46"
XXXXL - 48"